Planned Maintenance And Service Schedule

DATEK AUSTRALASIA has been trialing for some time a planned maintenance and service schedule with some of its larger clients to gauge the effectiveness and overall comparison of costs involved for planned maintenance service/repair times vs. Irregular unscheduled service/repairs. These have been synchronized with our clients own regular planned service maintenance schedules to also assist in reducing costs.
DATEK is very pleased to announce that the outcome has been extremely pleasing for our clients, with a planned maintenance schedule reminder and service booking time being highly successful in reducing client’s costs and expensive equipment downtime.
This has also allowed for DATEK systems to be functional, and communicating as DATEK and our clients demand.
For all systems included in our DATEK planned maintenance schedule, a detailed reminder is sent to the client approximately one month before the previously requested scheduled service date. This not only secures your complete system a booking with our workshop, but also allows us to plan for any requirements over and above the normal service. Planned services are totally reliant on each client’s individual needs, if you require less or more notice, this can and will be accommodated. Note a vastly shorter schedule notice time may not always guarantee your specific required dates.
Costs involved are as follows:
Minimum 2 hr labor for each system- complete inspection, and fault/repair reporting Cost: $180.00 plus GST
Any parts of any system which are faulty/broken due to mistreatment, and therefore worn out and requiring replacement are at the clients cost.
Repairs of unauthorized tampering to any system are at the clients cost. (DATEK does have a complete listing of their authorized and certified technicians which is available upon request.)
Any further costs which are involved, the client will be contacted for approval before any further work is done.
After this service DATEK then extends their warranty on each system for a further 6 months.
DATEK Warranty covers all normal wear and tear. (NOTE: system forcibly bungee jumping, or swimming in a lake does not constitute normal wear and tear.)
You will also find attached with this correspondence a comprehensive listing of what work is carried out within a normal planned maintenance service.
DATEK normally recommends 12 monthly services for its own systems in frequent usage, (systems in harsh environments may require more frequent service). This maintains the integrity and warranty on each individual system itself, allows DATEK to provide updated software programming, individual part check and repair or replacement, and bring to DATEK’S attention any fault or irregularity which would need our immediate official reporting and repair. DATEK also recommends any systems unused for long periods should also be sent in for a complete service before use to ensure complete functional operation and safety.
If you require further information regarding this, or would like to have your system included in the DATEK planned maintenance schedule, please feel free to contact us and we will happily arrange this for you.
Thank you
The DATEK team.

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